Baseball Marker


For the golfer who started out on the diamond, but now cranks it on the course. These markers are laboriously created by hand. First, the ball is dried completely in an oven. Then it’s placed in a special resin under vacuum for several hours. After a good soak, it is baked at 200 degrees to harden and set every fiber. Without this step, the ball would explode when cut. It’s then split into sections with a jig saw, flattened, and gets a quick stencil cut with a laser. Then it’s back to the jigsaw for the round cut, and finally it’s sanded thin to fit in the stainless steel marker. Customize your stamping on the metal back as well.

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  • Authentic baseball, stabilized to preserve the stitching and increase durability
  • 303 Stainless Steel round, sourced 2 miles from Bradley’s shop
  • Laser cut for accuracy, hand-finished and embedded
  • Custom hand stamping and paint fill
  • 1.4″ diameter, 0.25″ thickness

Sale price of $55 to march Judge’s current home run total!

  • Hand Stamping

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